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I got naked with a room full of strangers and meditated and then wrote about it. If anyone wants to read about my period, here’s your chance.

A clean mind starts with a clean bookshelf.

"Information should be free." — Julian Assange

I interviewed the band Drowners for Bedford + Bowery the other week. I only remember approximately 70% of the night, but from what I recall, it was fun.

"I don’t know what it comes from specifically, but it manifests itself into a fear of answering phone calls and entering rooms. What’s that Woody Allen quote? ‘There’s a lot of people I’m anxious to avoid.’ I forget which film that’s from, but it’s along those lines. They crop up in songs a lot because those tend to be some of the strongest feelings I have… anxiety and longing."

"I Saw Myself in You."

Nine and a Half Weeks

Indecent Skyline

I interviewed Howling Hearts blogger, Shea Prueger, on all things ibogaine for Thought Catalog.

I got to write about an experience with my favorite photographer for the New York Mag site, Bedford + Bowery: My Favorite ’90s Sitcom Star Walked in on My Make-out Sesh with a 16-year-old

"Double Vision"

Jacob’s Ladder

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So stoked to be part of this new photo series, “BFNY,” with Aerial East and Coco Young. Shot by Brianna Capozzi. Check it out. We can’t stop.

"Big rain," "Big rain."

By: Shea Prueger

The storm is coming. “Big rain,” “Big rain,” my adoptive Thai family keeps telling me. Samui’s waters are frustrated and angry. I’ve never seen them anything but quiet and calm.

I currently live in a treehouse, and during high tide, this treehouse rests about a hundred feet above the clear sea. It’s made out of palm and bamboo, and somehow has electricity. It’s kept me dry during the worst of the storms, which have been over the last few nights.

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"View from a boat."


Indecent Skyline

Trying to capture the current state of America.

"New car, caviar, four star daydream."

Indecent Proposal

Indecent Skyline

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